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USS Razorback Trip

posted Mar 14, 2014, 4:18 AM by Scott Vaden

If you are planning to take advantage of Fred's offer to visit the USS Razorback let Mike Anderson know ASAP ( so he can let Fred know how many Volunteer Base visitors to expect.  We need an additional person (of you that are going) to volunteer as an alternate to Mike as he may have to head out to Texas at any time to attend to family matters.

This is a no cost visit which means that you won't be charged for staying aboard the Razorback but you are responsible to pay for your own travel & food costs.

NOTE 1: Dual members are always welcome to attend any Volunteer Base function.  I know it is a longer trip for our remote members but you are definitely welcome to participate. 

Those of you that are going on the outing will be leaving Friday 4 April. 
Those of you that who are NOT staying for the USS Razorback Work Party Week will be coming back Sunday 6 April.
Fred will be staying on for the Razorback Work Party week. 

April is our base's Holland Club Induction meeting and Fred is one of the three new 2014 Volunteer Base Holland Club members to be inducted.  Fred was concerned about missing the induction so we talked about some options.  The option Fred agreed to was to be inducted into the Holland Club onboard the USS Razorback.  For those of you that do not know Fred qualified on the USS Razorback in 1964 which means he is being inducted into the Holland Club on his qual boat!  I am happy to announce that Greg Zonner, Director of the Arkansas Inland Marine Museum, and Rich Gonzalez, Base Commander of the USSVI Seattle Base have agreed to share the honor of inducting Fred.

For those Volunteer Base Members that get to witness Fred's induction please take pictures so we can share them with all the base members that can't be in attendance.

J Vinny McCrum
USSVI Volunteer Base Commander