Boat Sponsorship Program

Boat Sponsorship Program (BSP) renewal season is here!

The Program Manager, Jack Messersmith ( or 928-759-9544) wishes to thank all who sponsored in 2013 and hopes - that all of those will continue to do so. USSVI also wants to encourage the more than 13,000 members who haven't sponsored to take advantage of this great way to get the word out about our organization.  Sponsorships also help support this magazine.
What is the BSP? Your contribution, or sponsorship, pays to send three copies of each issue of American Submariner magazine for the year to the command, boat or other place of your choosing. The cost is $30 per year or a total of 12 magazines (three each of the four annual volumes.) Many members have multi-year sponsorships and this arrangement is always welcomed. As an added feature, you may add the current year Submarine Veterans Calendar for only seven dollars more per subscription.
Both Bases and individuals are encouraged to become sponsors. If it is a Base sponsor, monies collected are noted by individual member name along with instructions on where the sponsorship is to be directed. The Base, as well as individuals, will be credited with the sponsorship.
In the past, many sponsors have received thank you letters directly from the recipients in the fleet. We should remember that today's active-duty submariners will be the keepers of our history and legacy; they are our relief crew! 

There are six levels of subscription sponsorships:  
  1. SPECIAL - For sponsoring one or two boats, commands or location.
  2. SILVER - Two to three sponsorships.
  3. GOLD - Four to six sponsorships
  4. PLATINUM - Seven to 11 sponsorships.
  5. DIAMOND - 12 to 20 sponsorships.
  6. DOUBLE DIAMOND - 20+ sponsorships.
Each sponsor will receive the special BSP patch the first time they sponsor. In addition, all sponsors will be entered in the  quarterly USSVI Boat Giveaway contest. a $500 value (one entry per sponsorship.)

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The cost of supporting a submarine is $30 per year and the boat receives 3 copies of each issue.  You can send a calendar for an extra $7. 
Make your check to "American Submariner"  and mail to:

Jack Messersmith
7770 E. Loos Dr
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314.
Insert a note with the boat of your choice and I take care of the rest.