Greetings from the Storekeepers Shack!

posted Mar 14, 2014, 4:17 AM by Scott Vaden
I have placed orders for the following people:
  • Jim Cosgrove
  • Joe Hall
  • Keith Carlaw 
  • Ted Wheaton 
  • Vinny McCrum
I have order requests from the Tidwells from a couple of months back for some black ‘Deep, Silent, Fast, Deadly’ t-shirts. The logo that goes on the back of the shirt I have found out is proprietary, and as such only one company makes those, and they have none in stock. They are supposed to be making some more soon, but frankly, they don’t seem very interested in doing so, so I’ll get them when I can and once they decide to make the effort.

There will be some new items next month, so bring your money. I am including some pictures of items that I can special order, but haven’t bought for the club as I need specific information for that item before ordering.

These pictures are to give you an idea of what is out there in addition to what I have provided at the meetings. The thermos pictures are examples of what is available. I can get them in flasks as well. They are very nice items, and I can get them with pretty much any boat logo, as well as other logos.

If anyone wishes to get a vest, call me at 615-512-9023, or email me at the email address included in this newsletter, and we can quickly get it taken care of. Vests can be in the style that many of us have, or in denim, in white, leather, and several other styles.

Check out the storekeepers shack on the website at
If anyone is interested in specific patches, contact me and I will get them on order.

Jim Early