Robby Robinson

posted Aug 16, 2014, 9:06 AM by Scott Vaden
SS-349 USS Diodon
SS/AGS-311 Archerfish 
SS/SSR/AGSS-269 Rasher
SS/SSG/AGSS-348 Cusk
Lives in Nashville, TN
Joined USSVI 
- 10/3/2000

In the first thing you should know is I'm a Christian, not saying a good one but I am.  I've been blessed to have done so many things and really smelled the roses.  

Three days out of high school at seventeen, I was in Fort Madison, Iowa working on river construction for my Dad. Three weeks later, he put me on a tug boat with an operator to deliver two hundred foot barges loaded with construction equipment to Hickman, Kentucky.  In another four months, I was on another tug boat delivering equipment to a job he was starting in Plaqumine, Louisiana.  

In Feb. of the next year, I joined the Navy and ended up on the Diodon, Archerfish, Rasher and Cusk.  After three days in jail on a "trumped up charge" I was honorably discharged.  Then to college for a BS & MA while working as a Pipefitter and Piledriver when not in school.  Taught school and coached football for two years. Worked for Governor Hearns in Missouri and wrote the "Ozark Regional Plan".  Responsible for putting the plan together and money to build three hospitals, ten vocational schools and some industrial parks.  About this time, early 70's I got involved with song writing and managing talent.

Moved to Nashville and ended up owing at least three banks (uncovered ground by anyone else in my family) before I begin to start going on the positive.  In ten hard years, we established the most successful and commercial literary agency outside of New York and Los Angeles.  I'm semi-retired and not working with new writers.  My life is proof that being lucky is better than being good.  I learned more from the four boats and Submariners than college. I have left out some of the more colorful jobs.