USSVI National Elections

posted May 31, 2014, 5:27 AM by Scott Vaden   [ updated May 31, 2014, 5:29 AM ]
Our USSVI National Election Starts June 1 2014 and ballots must be received by August 27, 2014

You can vote on line (, the third button down on the left.)
or by paper ballot (Click here for your paper ballot!) by mailing it to:

          Tom Conlon, PNC
          USSVI Election Master
          8 Davis Ave.
          Harrison, NJ 07029

I've attached a copy of the paper ballot in case you need it.  Paper ballots must be received by August 27, 2014 or it will not be counted.

And a heads up: Please note that USSVI National Office will be pestering me about the percentage of Volunteer Base Members that have cast electronic ballots (they monitor members the HAVE voted but not HOW they voted). They do not include members that vote by paper ballot. So as we all know, when they pester me, I pester you. 

Candidate Bios and Proposed Amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws Information

You can find the bios for the upcoming USSVI National Election candidates and read the proposed amendments to the bylaws in the last American Submariner magazine. If you have misplaced your copy of the magazine a pdf version of the magazine is posted on the USSVI website:

The bios include those for our National office candidates and for our Central District Director office candidates.