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2016 United States Submarine Convention - Reno, NV

posted Dec 18, 2015, 6:31 AM by Scott Vaden   [ updated Dec 18, 2015, 6:41 AM ]

Go to the website to download the Registration Form and more information

USSVI National Elections

posted May 31, 2014, 5:27 AM by Scott Vaden   [ updated May 31, 2014, 5:29 AM ]

Our USSVI National Election Starts June 1 2014 and ballots must be received by August 27, 2014

You can vote on line (, the third button down on the left.)
or by paper ballot (Click here for your paper ballot!) by mailing it to:

          Tom Conlon, PNC
          USSVI Election Master
          8 Davis Ave.
          Harrison, NJ 07029

I've attached a copy of the paper ballot in case you need it.  Paper ballots must be received by August 27, 2014 or it will not be counted.

And a heads up: Please note that USSVI National Office will be pestering me about the percentage of Volunteer Base Members that have cast electronic ballots (they monitor members the HAVE voted but not HOW they voted). They do not include members that vote by paper ballot. So as we all know, when they pester me, I pester you. 

Candidate Bios and Proposed Amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws Information

You can find the bios for the upcoming USSVI National Election candidates and read the proposed amendments to the bylaws in the last American Submariner magazine. If you have misplaced your copy of the magazine a pdf version of the magazine is posted on the USSVI website:

The bios include those for our National office candidates and for our Central District Director office candidates. 

Submarine memorial to honor Pennsylvanians targeted for Lehigh County

posted Jan 31, 2014, 5:00 AM by Scott Vaden

NEWS-03: Submarine memorial to honor Pennsylvanians targeted for Lehigh County
Submitted by: Office on 1/29/2014

A group of U.S. Navy veterans wants to build a memorial in Lehigh County to recognize the contributions of Pennsylvanians who served on submarines.

The Lehigh Valley base of the U.S. Submarine Veterans Inc. has received Navy approval to use pieces for the memorial of the USS Groton, a nuclear-powered attack submarine that was decommissioned in 1997 and is now in Bremerton, Wash., organizers said.

Go to the link for the story...

'Joe Negri' shipmate Gilbert P Shaddock Departing...

posted Jan 31, 2014, 5:00 AM by Scott Vaden   [ updated Nov 2, 2014, 6:09 AM ]

NEWS-02: 'Joe Negri' shipmate Gilbert P Shaddock Departing...
Submitted by: Pat Householder on 1/29/2014

With great regret, I must tell you that our Shipmate Gil Shaddock departed on his final patrol on Jan 28, 2014.

In his 32 year Navy career Gil rose from E-1 to O-5, and qualified aboard USS Grampus (49-51) in 1950.

He also served aboard USS Tunny 53-57, USS Darter 58-59, USS Robert E Lee 59-63, USS Simon Lake 64-68 and USS Hunley 71-74.

In recognition of his many accomplishments and service to his USSVI Shipmates, Gil was chosen USSVI "Joe Negri Shipmate of the Year" for 2010, received the 2009 Bob Link Nat'l Commanders Commendation Award, and was Holland Club Vice Commander for many years.

Gil joined USSVI in 1997 and was a member of the Snug Harbor (Founding Base Commander), Lockwood Internet and Scamp Bases.

In addition, Gil was President of the Robert E Lee association for many years, and was a member and supporter of the Naval Submarine League.

Gil was instrumental in helping Tim VeArd with his DECKLOG project from the start, which 'transitioned' into the vital USSVI online database that we use today and it was my pleasure to work with Gil on this project for many years.

In Gil's honor, a Gilbert P Shaddock Scholarship program was established several years ago, which now becomes the Gilbert P Shaddock Memorial Scholarship.

Gil had been in declining health for several years and, truth be told, was ready to join his beloved wife in eternity.

Gil slipped the lines of life in the comforting presence of his faithful friends Ralph and Leslie, and he will be laid to rest in honored glory at Arlington National Cemetery.

For those wishing to honor Gil's memory with a contribution to his Scholarship Fund, you can send a check made to USSVCF and notated for the Gilbert P Shaddock memorial scholarship, to USSVCF, PO Box 3870, Silverdale WA 98383.

Invitation to 51st USS Thresher Memorial Service

posted Jan 31, 2014, 4:59 AM by Scott Vaden

NEWS-01: Invitation to 51st USS Thresher Memorial Service
Submitted by: Kevin Galeaz - Thresher Base Commander on 1/28/2014
USSVI Shipmates,

You are formally invited to attend the 51st Annual USS Thresher Memorial Service hosted by USSVI Thresher Base at the R. W. Traip Academy Auditorium in Kittery, Maine on Saturday, April 12, 2014 starting at 1300.

Join with your Thresher Base Brothers to honor the loss of 129 crew members, US Naval Submarine Officer Observers, and civilian support personnel aboard the USS Thresher during sea trials off the New England coast 50 years ago on April 10, 1963. Your attendance and personal conversation with the USS Thresher family and former crew members enhances their experience by helping both to generate and to perpetuate the memories of their loved ones, our Brothers.

If you cannot make this year’s memorial service, you can still participate in the slide presentation shown prior to the start of the service. Compose a short message from your Base along with an optional photo of your members addressed to the family and former crew of the USS Thresher in attendance. Send the email to Thresher Base Commander Kevin Galeaz at Your message helps to foster the sense of support this service provides to the USS Thresher family members.

RSVP's are due on March 15th. Email your RSVP with the names in your party to Thresher Base Commander Kevin Galeaz by email at or by phone 603.268.0420.

Finally, on behalf of Thresher Base, tnank you to all USSVI Bases and shipmates who donated, sent email messages included in the pre-service presentation, and attended the 50th USS Thresher Memorial Service. Your support helped to make the 50th an once in a lifetime event for all those who were deeply touched by this tragedy - including those who work each day to prevent another similar tragedy from occurring.


NEWS-01: National Awards Nominations open Feb 1, 2013

posted Jan 25, 2014, 9:36 AM by Scott Vaden   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 9:39 AM ]

Date: 1/17/2014

NEWS-01: National Awards Nominations open Feb 1, 2013
Submitted by: John Stanford - Nat'l Awards Chairman on 1/13/2014
The 2014 National Awards Nomination Process starts Feb 1st 2014 and will close as of April 30, 2014. The announcements of the Awardees and presentation of awards will happen at the Awards Banquet at the 2014 National Convention in Burlingame CA.

It is that time of year to take some time to write up your recommendations for a National Award to recognize your shipmates for the voluntary work they do in support of our brotherhood, our organization and its purpose.

We all have shipmates that deserve the recognition for their hard work in support of our organization and its purpose, and it shines a favorable light on your base as well. Don’t forget your hard working associate members. They are eligible for some of these awards as well.

Any USSVI member may nominate any other member (or for a Base for certain awards as stated in the Award description).

Don't recall the awards and criteria? Here is a summary listing of the award categories.

1. Joe Negri ‘Shipmate of the Year’ Award
2. Robert Link National Commander’s Commendation Award
3. Meritorious Award
4. Golden Anchor Award
5. Silver Anchor Award
6. Ben Bastura Historical Achievement Award
7. Base Newsletter of the Year Award (Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2014)

Each Award has specific criteria to meet and some of the criteria have changed since last year, so please read the manual for a careful review. The Awards Manual with descriptions of each award and the criteria for each is available on the internet at under the Awards Button and the internet link is shown below for your convenience.

Please take a look at the Manual, and start thinking about your Shipmates who should be nominated for the various Awards.

If you have any questions about the Program or the individual award criteria please contact me at the email or phone numbers listed.
John Stanford
National Awards Chairman

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